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The Final Episode

1 year ago

Well, this is the last episode. But fret not, we're going out with a BANG! We broke a Toon In record, have an amazing story, and explain everything. You can't miss the last one... Come on. No seriously, it's the last one, if you miss it you will regret it. Like for real, this is not a joke, listen to this one. Unless of course, you have other episodes you haven't listened to yet... Better yet, why don't you just go back and listen to all of them again before this one. Really draw out the ending. Or, I don't know, listen to this one and start from the beginning again.

I'll miss you :'( <3 Trev

Part 1 Guests: Jimmy, Brittany, Amy Part 2 Guests: Jimmy, Brett Part 3 Guests: Aaram

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